Welcome-Hi-Tek Polymers Inc.

We are manufacturers of epoxy, urethane and other thermo-set resin systems for the flooring industry. We pride ourselves in offering our clients detail specifications and pertinent information to achieve a cost effective, durable and environmentally sound flooring system. As always the end result depends on the quality of surface preparation and the amount of attention given to circumstantial realities of the existing conditions such as exposures to chemicals, movements and loadings.

We provide seamless epoxy, acrylic and urethane systems applicable to various conditions from architectural designed floors to industrial flooring for medium and heavy traffic areas.

HI•TEK POLYMERS, INC specializes in offering clients various seamless decorative flooring systems for locker rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, banquet halls, store fronts, pool areas, and patios. Our architectural flooring includes terrazzo floor systems with possible cost effective designs to match your budgetary constrains.

Underlayment & Repair Mortars

Hi•Tek Polymers Inc offers materials designed specifically for patching, repairing and leveling concrete surfaces with excellent mixing and handling properties suitable for interior and exterior use. Surfaces to be patched or repaired shall be free from oil, grease dust, loose paint and sealers.

Waterproofing & Crack Isolation System

Hi•Tek Polymers Inc offers two component 100% epoxy membranes designed to suppress reflective cracking up to ¼” in tile and epoxy terrazzo floors and also waterproofing membranes to protect surfaces from intrusions of water and or chemicals.  Applications include balconies, walking decks, plazas and parking decks and other surfaces where protection from moisture is needed.


Hi•Tek Polymers Inc offers opportunities to the designers to create a sound floor with a creative expression and unlimited vision. Applied from ¼” to 3/8” depth, Hi•Tek Polymers Inc,T- epoxy offers versatility of colors, unlimited design capability and a life time cost effective flooring system.

Urethane and Epoxy Coating Systems

Hi•Tek Polymers Inc offers a variety of materials for the specific use of protecting the concrete surface from damaging impact, chemical and thermal shock.

Cracks and Joint Fillers

Hi•Tek Polymers Inc offers immediate solutions for fixing cracks and joints with Polyurea/ amine blends  and 100% solid epoxy systems that provide flexibility and wear resistance with ample support of heavy loads at joint edges.